New Year, New Beginnings and a New Location for this Toronto and now Guelph Newborn Photographer

sleeping newborn, newborn photography

Happy New Year!….oh wait, I’m two months too late. Either way, this post is dedicated to new beginnings! Okay, I may be a little late on posting a new year’s blog, which means I, like many people have already failed on my new year’s resolution (I mean, have you noticed the gyms getting a little less busy as the year goes on?). No, my new year’s resolution wasn’t to go to the gym; although a little workout wouldn’t hurt. My resolution was to actually use this blog this year to communicate with my current and future clients. I wanted to use this blog to educate, to share exciting sessions and ideas. I would like to offer tips on preparing for your session, to encourage my clients to get more of their images on the wall and on display where they belong, and to demonstrate some tips and tricks on taking the best images yourself in-between professional photography sessions.
So why didn’t I keep up with my new year’s resolution? Was I sleeping like these cute newborn babies? sleeping newborn, newborn photography I’ve been busy the last couple of months meeting with clients to book wedding photography for the upcoming year, and photographing families and newborns. I also spent the time moving locations. I have moved from downtown Toronto to Guelph and I love it! What does this mean for my Toronto photography clients? Nothing has changed, I am still a mobile photographer and will come and photograph you at your house or at your favorite location in Toronto, the GTA and beyond at no additional charge. What this means for me is more space for equipment, gear, and a studio room should my clients prefer to come to me for their portraits. It also opens up the possibilities of meeting new families and couples in my new community as I open up my photography business to the Guelph, Waterloo, Kitchener and Cambridge region! I am looking forward to discovering all of the location possibilities in my new community for fabulous portraits. Engagement photos at Rockwood Conservation area, family photography at Guelph Lake Conservation Area, I’m excited to get out there and explore my new surroundings and all of the endless portrait location possibilities.

So here is to a whole new year of possibilities (or at least the 10 remaining months of the year)!


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